Julie Davis Basile – Fine Art Photographer


Artist Statement:

As a fine art photographer my studio has no walls or boundaries but instead works in an “open range” environment.  I strive to be in that moment in time that captures that essence of time that may never be seen again.   Each time I press my camera’s shutter button,  I hope to capture a moment that cannot be duplicated or relived.  Hopefully, its essence measured in only hundredths of a second will come back to reveal itself  in my photos.  I try to capture images or create art pieces that makes you pause, think or wonder.  Because,  in today’s world we are all moving too fast to notice the fleeting details of life.


Born and raised in New Mexico, I have always been in awe of the light and color not found in other states. The terrain is often harsh, the weather unpredictable at times, but as a photographer and graphic designer I am always searching for that perfect image that will turn into a fine art photography piece for my collection.

My studio is where my camera sets up and my photography is free-range which means I don’t limit my creativity to any one subject or project.  I like to challenge myself so I work with still life to moving objects.

When I can get away, I love to travel through the Southwest taking my camera in hopes of capturing a moment that might go unnoticed. I am also a freelance graphic designer and enjoy using my computer and camera to create original artistic pieces.  To view my fine art pieces please visit my gallery at: JBasile.smugmug.com

Here are some of the galleries where I have displayed my fine art pieces:


Recently, these two black and white pieces below were chosen to hang at this year’s “Shades of Gray” fine art photography show in Albuquerque, NM this December.  These two pieces are from my travels to Mongolia where I spent two weeks riding through the Mongolia countryside by bus or by horseback.  Over 400 photos were entered, only 200 are chosen for the show.  These photos will also be available for sale at JBasile.smugmug.com.














LuLu Fine Art Gallery – Las Cruces NM











In 2014, I entered a photography contest titled “Travels” through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and this photo “Driving New Mexico” (below) was awarded Honorable Mention. There was 1,904 entries submitted and 444 photographers from around the world.  Only 50 photos were chosen for Honorable Mention.
















Below are two of my black and white photos that were chosen to hang during the “Shades of Gray” fine art photography show in Albuquerque, NM during December 2016. There were over 400 photos entered, only 200 were chosen for the show. These photos are available for sale at JBasile.smugmug.com/










In October 2019, the national magazine “Western Horseman” selected several of my Mongolian horsemanship photos for their

article “Preserving the Try” that described the Mongolian people and their culture.